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PA Equipment


The BPA-245 amplifier elaborates the signal in pure digital. It has 8+4 inputs and 6 preset fixings. The parameters can be programmed and managed by PC with WiFi connection. Also available is a version with built-in Antilarsen and parametric equalizer. The amplifiers made by Belltron do not acoustically distort the musical or vocal signal, making the audio remain very similar to the original sound. In this way, the emotions released by a song or tone of voice of the speaker maintain the correct sound destined to the congregation. Belltron manufactures twelve versions of the BPA-245 amplifier to meet the various power and connection requirements according to the building in which they are installed.

DF serie

The omnidirectictional speaker is the best of loudspeakers as it covers a 360° area. It has an anodized aluminium finishing. Available in two versions: 400 or 600 Watt.

BPA245 DF400