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Electronic Incenser

Electronic Incenser

DCP 102 Incenser


NO MORE CARBON only the aroma of incense all around.


IT IS FULLY LITURGICAL conforming to n. 90 of the Bishop’s ceremonial. Infact, in order to allow the incense to burn it is necessary to introduce just a few incense grains each time.


It is extremely easy to use and fully automatic. After having added your incense all you need to do is touch the switch and after a few seconds the incense will start to burn for the preset time of 3 minutes. Press the start button again to interrupt functioning before the preset time.


• Supplied complete with battery charger and incense boat.

• Ecological with incense saving.

• Thanks to the new heating element only a few grains of incense are necessary to obtain the utmost smoke.

• No maintenance required.

• Supplied with reliable cadmio nikel batteries.


Up to 5-6 incense cycles 3 minutes each on a single charge.